Tutorial Add Gallery

Tutorial Add Portfolio Gallery


Go to http://bali-construction-building.com/admin and login using the username & password sent via text message

2. After login, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Smart Slider

3. Place the mouse on one of the slide thumbnail, click the “…” icon, and select “Duplicate”

4. The new duplicated slide will have “- copy” in the title

5. Place the mouse on the new slide’s thumbnail, and click “Edit”

Place the mouse on one of the image, click on the empty square □, and then click on “Select” in the menu above the images

6. Click “Select All”

7. Click “Delete” to remove all images

8. Confirm by clicking “Delete”

9. After all image deleted, click “New Slide” to add new images

10. Click “Upload Files” on top-left corner

11. Click “Select Files” to open images from computer

Select the images to be uploaded. It is possible to select more than 1 images at once by holding “Ctrl” button (or “Command” button on Mac) and click the images one-by-one
Click “Open” after selecting the images

Wait while the images are being uploaded
Upload is complete when there’s no more loading bar and all new images is displayed

After all images finished uploading, click “Select” button at bottom-right corner
Then scroll down to the end of the images

Scroll down and click “General” on the menu below the images
Replace the name of the slide with a new name

We don’t need to change the other options

16. Click “Publish”, and copy the text in the yellow box to Notepad. We will need this text later

Click “Save” button on top-right corner to save the edited slide
Now we need to create the portfolio page

18. Click “Portfolio” on the left menu

19. The list is not sorted. Click on the “Date” text to sort it by date

A little explanation about the date and category of the portfolio:
The reason we need to sort the date is because the portfolio is displayed based on the date
A portfolio with the most recent date means that the portfolio will be displayed as the first entry
If we add new portfolio and we want it to be the first entry, the easiest way is to set it using today’s date.

Also, the category is divided by year to avoid confusion and clash / mix-up with other category
Year 2017 is used for Residential category
Year 2016 is used for Private Villa category
Year 2015 is used for Hotel & Restaurant category

Back to editing:
Place the mouse on one of the list title, and new menu will appear
Select “Duplicate” to copy the portfolio

Make sure to duplicate the title of the same category we want to add
If we want to add new “Private Villa”, then duplicate the one from “Private Villa” category


The duplicated portfolio will have “Copy” added in the title
Place the mouse on the “Copy” portfolio title, and select “Edit”

Change the portfolio title to any new title
Also click on the small “Edit” button under the title

24. Put the same text as the new title in step 23 above, and then click OK

The big box is the content of the portfolio
Put the text from the Notepad (from step 16 above) in the big box, and remove the old text
Or just change the old slide number with the new one from Notepad

Scroll down to the “Featured Image” box
Click on the image to change it

Select the new image to represent the new portfolio
Then click “Set Featured Image” on bottom-right corner to save it

Don’t forget to change the date
Scroll up after change “Featured Image”
Click “Edit” at the right side of the date, change it, and click “OK” to confirm
If we want this portfolio to be the first entry in, we can use today’s date but make sure to use the year according to the category (as explained in step number 20 above)

Click the “Update” button under the date to save the portfolio.

All done!
Now we can check the new portfolio by visiting bali-construction-building.com and select the category of the new portfolio.