Wood Factory

Using only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques, we can manufacture almost any design of wood furniture in a wide variety of sizes, species, and styles to meet the full range of safety, security and aesthetic requirements.


We have carried out designs & manufacture for some of the top interior designers and property developers in Indonesia. Our big range of high end indoor amnd outdoor furniture designs for all tastes and budgets.


We can provide most types and styles of wooden furniture for interior use and is one of the few manufacturers able to deliver both custom and standard furniture on the same order. Through our ability to produce uniquely designed furniture, our factory offers architects total design freedom.

We offer a large, flexible, carpenters and painters work force and the ability to custom manufacture products to coincide with your construction deadlines. Whether you choose custom made doors for your private home or a complete joinery work for your entire project, we are ready and able to produce high quality products for your dream design.
We can design custom wooden furniture in any style or size, for residential or commercial projects.